Administration recruitement, How does it work ?

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Administration recruitement, How does it work ? Empty Administration recruitement, How does it work ?

Post  Takumi_ on Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:28 am

After a long absence, We're finally back 24/7 ! Thanks to our old hoster : Toshiro

That's why we decided to remove some of our old administrators
There is now 3 level administrators :

Level 3 : Administrator chief
Level 2 : Administrator
Level 1 : Moderator

Now, there is 2 active leaders :
-Takumi_ : Creator, and devlopper
-Toshiro : Hoster, and devlopper

There is 1 Chiefs too :
-Remi, Also known as Faya sometimes :p : IRC Channel creator, manager, Beta-tester

This chief are the recruiters of the level 1 & 2 Administrators

Everyone of you has the right to post his apply for admin, with some good reasons ( Check the module of the apply ), and they will answer you !

All the old admins are removed ! they need to re-apply !

Good luck !

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