UPDATE : New features - BETA Test on SA-MP 0.3

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UPDATE : New features - BETA Test on SA-MP 0.3 Empty UPDATE : New features - BETA Test on SA-MP 0.3

Post  Takumi_ on Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:09 pm

Hey all forum users .
There is a lot of updates these last days, and more are coming soon !
And also, we did our first test on SA-MP 0.3a.

PS : Our server is still on 0.2x, but when the SA-MP 0.3 will be released, the server will change the SA-MP version .

The most important features added :

Cellphone systeme :

Since there is no more PMs in the sa-mp 0.3, i decided to add a cellphone system, now you call, sms, your friends !

New job : Drug dealer :
Now a new job is avaiable, Drug dealer, he can collect drugs, and sell them to players, so they can use it and become high ! You must check it Smile

Job Scripted : Thief
The Thief job is now scripted, its job is to steal car, and delievre them to a point in SF, use /exportlist ! Good luck

New casino game : /spin :
A Great game is scripted now, you can try your chances by typing /spin, if you got the 3 same numbers, you win 10k ! Good luck to all of you

/stats command :

a new command added : /stats, easy way to check your current stats.

/park command :

You have a vehicle ? You don't like it spawn! NOW YOU CAN CHANGE IT SPAWN, by typing /park in the locate that you want !

Bugs :

-Driving test is now bugged .

Update in the next update :

-Adding job levels

Screens of our server in SA-MP 0.3 are coming soon
I Hope you like it

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UPDATE : New features - BETA Test on SA-MP 0.3 Empty re

Post  Undertaker on Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:07 am

Great taku ^^ keep up the good work , i know this server will be one of the best servers ever created What a Face

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