How to report somebody on irc

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How to report somebody on irc Empty How to report somebody on irc

Post  Beremix_ftw<3 on Sat Nov 28, 2009 10:24 pm

How to report a player for something who hapend on IRC :

Follow this in the topic name : [IRCreport] < the name>

And follow this code in the Report!


Name : Tell his name on irc!
Time : Tell the time it hapend on ! with the GMT
Date : Tell the date it hapend on !
Vhost : The Vhost is the IP . Like when somebody join IRC then this comes up : * Remi ( has joined #urp
Screens : We cant help you much with out screens. We maby can check logs but we need time and date then.
Reason : Tell what hapend and what the player said.

Also check this post to see what is reasons for ban
IRC rules

Best Regards
IRC staff !


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